Trinity Events Pvt. Ltd was started in the year 1991. The company is owned by Mr. Santosh Yadav. The company started its operations with services like Cable Media and gradually expanded its business activities to services like Hoarding, Mobile Floats, Road Shows, Kiosks & Outdoor Events, Bus Panel & Auto Panel by understanding the requirements of the customers and current market trend.

The company also takes all the PMC related projects of Outdoor Advertising.

The company also organizes events like: Product Launch, Neon Sign, Glow Sign.

Trinity Events Pvt. Ltd is the only outdoor advertising company in Maharashtra which provides solution for Road Shows.

Also the Hoardings which they provide is completely owned by them.

Trinity Events Pvt. Ltd is a company who believes in providing proper promotion solution to the customer to run the business successfully.

Trinity Events Pvt. Ltd is a “One Stop Shop” which gives solution to all your advertising and promotional requirements to make a mark of your business name in the market.